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Why choose bladeRAMP?

Elevating Cloud Mastery: The bladeRAMP Edge

Dive into the digital future with bladeRAMP by bladestack.io, a pioneering Infrastructure as Code (IaC) product reshaping AWS cloud infrastructure. Standing apart with its bespoke AWS landing zone, bladeRAMP integrates cloud-authorized services for unparalleled compliance and performance.

Redefining Cloud Architecture: Beyond Standard Accelerators

bladeRAMP, bladestack.io’s innovative IaC solution, distinctly outshines its competitors with a suite of groundbreaking features. Its unique multi-account architecture, deploying a FedRAMP-compliant AWS landing zone, enhances operational efficiency and security, a feat not matched by other IaC solutions. bladeRAMP’s seamless integration with existing CSP applications accelerates audit readiness, unlike other solutions that may require extensive restructuring. It strategically utilizes AWS authorized services along with third-party services like Splunk Cloud and Tenable.io, offering unparalleled security and performance.

bladeRAMP’s compatibility with both AWS GovCloud and commercial regions ensures flexible, seamless deployment, aligning with existing client infrastructure. The integration of Teleport for user-friendly remote access simplifies secure connections, reducing infrastructure costs. Embodying true IaC principles, bladeRAMP manages entire cloud environments via code, including updates and scaling, a feature lacking in many other solutions.

An automation-first approach, leveraging AWS services, enhances operational efficiency and rapidly addresses security and compliance issues, setting bladeRAMP apart from its peers. Crafted by expert architects and engineers, bladeRAMP is the product of extensive industry experience, offering a more refined and efficient solution. Its comprehensive approach to compliance and security ensures continuous FedRAMP compliance as part of an overall security enhancement.

bladeRAMP’s service offering is adaptable and future-proof, thanks to its cloud-based technology, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of cloud infrastructure. It minimizes architectural costs and managerial overhead, simplifying complex operations. bladeRAMP’s agile industry adaptation, adherence to FedRAMP principles, and alignment with federal directives like the OMB FedRAMP Memo on Modernization demonstrate its commitment to streamlined federal compliance and technological advancement. bladeRAMP not only meets but redefines compliance standards, confidently navigating the modern digital landscape.

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Feature Description bladeRAMP Competing Advisory/Consulting Firms
Multi-Account Architecture Deploys FedRAMP compliant AWS landing zone across security, logging, transit, and central management accounts, enhancing operational efficiency. bladeRAMP enables simultaneous management of separate functional accounts, each tailored for specific roles and responsibilities, enhancing security and operational oversight.
Compliance with NIST 800-53 Rev. 5 Entire FedRAMP environment baselined to meet NIST 800-53 Rev. 5 standards, ensuring comprehensive compliance. bladeRAMP ensures every component, not just AWS services, adheres to NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, exemplified in a project requiring rigorous data protection and access control measures.
Seamless Integration Ensures smooth integration with the CSP's application by accommodating existing toolsets, rather than forcing the adoption of new tools that might undermine their functionality. With bladeRAMP’s use of cloud-based services and low architectural overhead, this approach not only allows for integration without disruptive changes but also significantly decreases the time to audit by aligning closely with the client's pre-existing environment. This seamless integration results in a much quicker path to meeting compliance audits, in stark contrast to other IaC solutions that may necessitate extensive changes, prolonging the audit readiness process.
Integration with Authorized Cloud Services Harnesses the full potential of cloud services, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and security. bladeRAMP strategically focuses on utilizing AWS authorized services, further enhanced by a suite of third-party authorized cloud services such as Splunk Cloud and Tenable.io. This comprehensive approach allows bladeRAMP to leverage the best of AWS services in tandem with specialized tools like Splunk Cloud for advanced analytics and Tenable.io for thorough vulnerability management, crafting a robust and comprehensive security posture. This integration with a broad array of authorized cloud services ensures that bladeRAMP users benefit from cutting-edge, compliant, and secure cloud solutions, far exceeding the capabilities of solutions that may not fully utilize or integrate such a diverse set of authorized services.
AWS GovCloud and Commercial Compatibility Offers deployment flexibility in AWS GovCloud and commercial regions, aligning with existing client architectures. bladeRAMP’s adaptability allows integration with a client's pre-existing setup in AWS GovCloud or commercial regions, facilitating seamless transition and operational continuity.
User-Friendly Remote Access Simplifies secure access by integrating with Teleport, eliminating the need for complex solutions like bastion hosts or VDI. bladeRAMP users leverage Teleport for direct, secure access to cloud resources, significantly reducing the infrastructure and overhead costs typically associated with traditional access methods.
True Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Solution Embodies the core principles of IaC by not only deploying but also managing environments entirely through code, ensuring greater consistency, efficiency, and scalability. bladeRAMP’s IaC framework with Terraform allows for the entire lifecycle of cloud environments to be managed via code, including updates and scaling, which provides a level of agility and control not seen in solutions where code deployment does not extend to ongoing management. This true IaC approach results in more cohesive, reliable, and adaptable infrastructure management. Other solution, in contrast, may deploy infrastructure with code, but fall short in managing it comprehensively in the same manner.
Automation-First Approach Leverages AWS services like Lambda and Systems Manager for robust automation, significantly enhancing efficiency, reliability, and the speed of response to security and compliance vulnerabilities. bladeRAMP utilizes a mix of AWS-native tools and custom in-house solutions for automating routine tasks and critical updates. This not only streamlines processes but also rapidly addresses potential security and compliance issues, thereby reducing the likelihood of human error and enhancing overall system resilience.
Expert-Crafted Engineering The result of expertise honed at both major industry giants and niche innovators. bladeRAMP is developed by architects and engineers who have refined their wide-ranging experiences into a superior solution. The diverse background of the bladeRAMP team, encompassing work with both large-scale industry leaders and agile small-scale competitors, has culminated in the creation of a product that is not only more refined and efficient but also notably innovative in its approach to cloud infrastructure.
Comprehensive Compliance and Security Masterfully integrates robust security measures with FedRAMP compliance standards, ensuring that adherence to compliance enhances, rather than compromises, security. In implementing bladeRAMP, a CSP achieves continuous FedRAMP compliance not as a standalone goal but as part of a broader enhancement of their overall security posture. This dual focus demonstrates bladeRAMP's exceptional capability in securely managing sensitive federal data, proving that compliance and security are mutually reinforcing, not mutually exclusive.
Innovative ConMon Strategy Treats continuous monitoring (ConMon), an historically underdeveloped feature in other solutions, as a central focus, not an afterthought. Leveraging in-house solutions, bladeRAMP automates the ConMon process, including the generation of Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms). bladeRAMP's advanced ConMon system automatically identifies and documents compliance deviations, generating actionable POA&Ms. This automation enables the institution to swiftly adapt to new security threats while consistently maintaining high compliance and security standards, showcasing bladeRAMP's proactive and thorough approach to continuous monitoring.
Flexibility in Service Offering Service range is not just adaptable but also future-proof, thanks to its reliance on cloud-based tooling. As newer and more advanced cloud services become authorized, bladeRAMP is poised to seamlessly incorporate these enhancements, elevating the client experience continually. A CSP can utilize bladeRAMP's flexibility to tailor their cloud infrastructure precisely to their needs. As cloud technologies evolve, this adaptability ensures that the CSP can easily integrate emerging solutions, keeping their infrastructure at the cutting edge, and perfectly aligned with their business objectives.
Minimized Architectural Costs Lowers initial setup costs, reduces ongoing maintenance expenses, and minimizes costs related to downtime in security incidents. bladeRAMP achieves this through its efficient cloud-based architecture, which simplifies operational complexity and reduces the security incident blast radius. A CSP utilizing bladeRAMP benefits from reduced upfront infrastructure costs and lower ongoing maintenance outlays. Moreover, the minimized complexity means that potential security breaches have limited impact, significantly cutting down costs associated with incident response and recovery, a contrast to traditional IaC solutions which may incur higher costs in these areas.
Reduced Managerial Overhead Reduces the reliance on engineering resources by leveraging cloud-based tooling for architecture management. bladeRAMP simplifies complex infrastructure operations, offloading routine but essential tasks like patch management, vulnerability remediation, and certificate rotation by focusing on cloud-based solutions. bladeRAMP effectively manages an organization's cloud operations with significantly reduced effort. Thanks to bladeRAMP's automation and cloud-based tools, the time and resources typically spent on maintenance tasks, such as updating patches or rotating certificates for third-party security tools, are minimized. This contrasts with traditional IaC solutions, which often require more hands-on management and engineering input for these operational necessities.
Agile Industry Adaptation Equipped to respond swiftly to shifts in industry standards, practices, and technologies, ensuring its users are always aligned with the latest advancements. bladeRAMP’s exceptional adaptability is a result of its commitment to leveraging flexible technologies and utilizing cloud-based solutions. This approach avoids the pitfalls of monolithic architectures, which often impede rapid adaptation. The framework of bladeRAMP is designed to be agile, allowing for prompt compliance updates and seamless integration of new technologies. In contrast, traditional IaC solutions often lag in such scenarios, struggling to keep pace with rapid industry evolution.
Adherence to FedRAMP Principles Consistently pushes the boundaries of FedRAMP-compliant landing zones to better serve CSPs, making the authorization process smoother and more efficient. bladeRAMP distinguishes itself by actively using the very services that achieve authorization for cloud deployment. Unlike solutions that rely on locally-deployed versions of these services, bladeRAMP embraces true cloud integration, enhancing efficiency and security. This approach contrasts with the more static methodologies of traditional IaC solutions, which may not be as committed to evolving FedRAMP standards proactively.
Alignment with OMB FedRAMP Memo on Modernization Stays aligned with federal directives such as the OMB FedRAMP Memo, emphasizing modernization. bladeRAMP’s architecture was updated in response to the OMB FedRAMP Memo, ensuring all users benefit from the latest federal cloud security standards. It actively seeks to incorporates the types of positive changes proposed in the OMB FedRAMP Memo, demonstrating commitment to more effective and streamlined adherence to federal guidelines.

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