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The Most Experienced, Technically-Expert Cloud Advisory Team.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop .” – Confucius

US Federal Government a potential buyer for your cloud-offering? However you’re unsure where to start? Or are you looking to expand your footprint in the FedRAMP Marketplace?

Partner with the most experienced consultants to CSP’s who know how to navigate all the nuances of FedRAMP authorization. bladestack.io Samurai’s have led FedRAMP Assessment and Advisory engagements since the program’s inception. 

Our cyber-samurais are equipped and credentialed with the top industry recognized certifications. We are prepared to cut, slice and dice through the cyber fog of war to ensure you come out on top. 

Why choose bladestack.io as your Aibō (Partner)?

No other cyber-company brings our level of technical expertise to the FedRAMP and cloud security compliance challenge.

FedRAMP is the world’s most demanding cybersecurity compliance standard. Achieving FedRAMP compliance often requires changes to business operation. Additionally, maintaining continuous accreditation means avoiding compliance pitfalls in the drive towards technical innovation.

Absurdly Technical

Dedicated Senior-Level technical engineers to Navigate Modern Business and Compliance Challenges. FedRAMP advisory requires senior, technically experienced support, to engineer creative, enduring cloud security and compliance solutions. We guarantee our clients dedicated, senior-level expertise. BSIO's core team of Senior Advisors have been architecting secure, compliant clouds for the US federal government since before FedRAMP launched. We’ve worked with diverse technical configurations, across every cloud model, from hyperscale cloud providers to the smallest startups, domestic and internationally.

Compliance & Technical Blade Mastery

There isn’t an engineering or development team anywhere on earth that gets excited about an outside compliance team telling them how to build. Neither do we.

Instead, our cyber-samurai's embed with your engineering and development teams. We understand why they work the way they do. And we help them appreciate the technical security reasons that underpin the more stringent compliance requirements. Eventually, even the most compliance-weary technical teams quickly learn to trust and respect our guidance as, working together, we chart a course towards a compliant, secure cyber-future.

Our C-suite friendly Senior Advisors combine technical expertise with decades of experience in complex business and government environments. Where possible, we help you efficiently shape existing processes and security programs to achieve compliance. When not, we work with your team to build and present business cases, advise budgets, support go-to-market strategies and maximize your return on investment in FedRAMP compliance.

AWS Mastery: Elevating Cloud Solutions

At bladestack.io, our dedication to excellence in cloud solutions shines through our profound expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We pride ourselves on integrating AWS best practices into every facet of our work. Our engagement with AWS technologies and the robust qualifications of our team are outlined below:

AWS Accelerate Program Involvement: As participants in the AWS Accelerate Program, we gain early access to the latest AWS innovations and methodologies. This prestigious program empowers us to expedite your cloud journey, deploying state-of-the-art solutions that enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and ensure scalability.

Comprehensive AWS Certifications: Our team consists entirely of individuals holding AWS certifications, encompassing AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, among others. This breadth of certification guarantees that your AWS cloud infrastructure benefits from the highest level of expertise, capable of designing, implementing, and managing sophisticated cloud solutions.

Elevate Your Cloud with AWS and FedRAMP Insight

bladestack.io emerges as a paragon in the realm of cybersecurity and cloud solutions, particularly renowned for its specialized FedRAMP Advisory Services deeply intertwined with Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise. Our distinctive approach marries unmatched technical knowledge of AWS with a fervent dedication to crafting customized, robust cloud security solutions that not only comply with FedRAMP standards but also harness the full potential of AWS's expansive cloud capabilities. With bladestack.io, you engage with a team that transcends traditional advisory roles, embedding directly with your engineers and developers to ensure that AWS best practices are seamlessly integrated into every facet of your project.

Our services are deeply rooted in a profound AWS-centric technical mastery, spearheaded by a cadre of highly certified cyber-samurais who lead with profound knowledge in cloud security and AWS innovation. This expertise is critical in navigating the FedRAMP compliance landscape, ensuring that your cloud offerings are not only compliant but optimized for performance, security, and scalability within the AWS ecosystem. From personalized gap assessments that leverage AWS tools to internal audit support utilizing AWS security services, bladestack.io's approach is thoroughly AWS-aligned, ensuring that compliance is a built-in feature of your cloud solution, not an afterthought.

By choosing bladestack.io, you opt for a partner with a deep-seated understanding of AWS infrastructure, ready to elevate your cloud offerings to new heights of technical excellence and compliance achievement. Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance to foster innovation, efficiency, and growth within the AWS cloud, ensuring that your business leverages the best of AWS technologies.

Our approach is tailored to meet client-specific objectives. Some clients just require a basic gap analysis and staff augmentation support. Others want to outsource their entire security compliance and continuous monitoring programs. We work with every major FedRAMP IaaS provider, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, IBM, VMware and Oracle.

We’re also known across the FedRAMP ecosystem, from the Joint Authorization Board (JAB), to the US Cabinet Agencies and across the US Department of Defense. We understand what these organizations look for when assessing, accrediting and choosing Cloud Service Providers. Based on your chosen path to compliance, we can anticipate objections and avoid roadblocks to provide a smooth transition to FedRAMP compliance.

Planning is Essential

FedRAMP is not a low-cost endeavor. If a cloud service provider attempts to jump right into FedRAMP without a preliminary understanding, they may be burdened with undue costs and time delays. Therefore, we always recommend a gap assessment up front, to quickly identify the major items that could hinder a successful assessment.

Establish a ConMon Strategy Early

The key to maintaining a FedRAMP authorization is to have a comprehensive continuous monitoring strategy. This strategy includes maintaining the proper staffing levels, ensuring vulnerability scans are being performed and analyzed on a frequent basis, and closely monitoring all plan of action and milestones on an ongoing basis.

All FedRAMP Firms Are Not The Same

The FedRAMP Marketplace annotates how many assessments a 3PAO has performed and not the number of advisories. Ensure you are working with a 3PAO team that is well-versed in engineering FedRAMP environments of similar scope and complexity of your cloud service offering.

Ensure Federal Mandates Are Met

While there is an extensive set of security requirements in order to achieve FedRAMP authorization, there are core federal mandates that must be fully met to achieve a FedRAMP authorization. The FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Report (RAR) process outlines these requirements are federal mandates. Ensure these federal mandates are in place prior to progressing your authorization.

Why is FedRAMP Important?

In order to sell a cloud service offering to a Federal Agency, the specific offering must obtain a FedRAMP authorization. FedRAMP allows the adoption of the cloud by creating a process with associated standards and templates to document, assess, and authorize cloud service offerings. These offerings are then leveraged across the US Government to eliminate duplicative assessment and authorization efforts that have existed since FISMA became a law.

Why should my organization care?

FedRAMP can, and will, open many doors to your organization. While it may take 2-3 authorizations from Agencies to reap the initial return on investment, it should be noted that the vast majority of cloud service providers have 3 or more authorizations for their offering. There are over 40 providers who have at least 10 authorizations. The benefit of FedRAMP is that the assessment is leveraged across all of these authorizations, both reducing the time to authorization at each agency, as well as the internal time needed to support multiple security assessments living up to FedRAMP’s ‘do once, use many’ framework.

Unsheathe your BLADES.

Contact us to get started. The first step is a one hour introductory and readiness session, to understand your business landscape and gather technical details, while also making sure that we’re a mutual fit. We also offer unbilled follow up calls if you have any additional questions or need consulting advice as you gear up for the FedRAMP marathon.

Following our initial meetings, formal proposals and pricing are submitted within approximately one week. We can kick-off with a dedicated senior-level team within two to three weeks of contract signature.

All Kinds Of Cyber-Blades

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