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Start your Musha Shugyō with the Most Absurdly-Technical Premier Cloud Security Advisory Firm.

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.” – Sun Tzu

bladestack.io’s advisors are the world’s most experienced, technically-expert cloud advisory team. Our clients trust us to show them a secure path through this changing and challenging world.  

Headquartered in McLean, VA, bladestack.io serves a worldwide client base. We offer a remote, flexible work environment, with industry competitive salary and benefits.

Be a Elite Cyber Samurai.

At the senior cyber-samurai level, we hire elite cloud security consultants and engineers. bladestack.io’s Senior Advisors solve cloud security, compliance and business challenges at a global scale. We seek diverse, creative, persuasive cloud security experts, who can seamlessly transition from the datacenter floor to the C-suite, and build trusted relationships with our demanding client

Become a Elite Cyber Samurai.

We also consider qualified junior and mid-level security  samurais. With the right background – and a willingness to train and learn – cloud security experience is not required. 

Ideal candidates will combine an interest in technology and security with exceptional communication skills.We pair junior and mid-level personnel with Senior Advisors as mentors, to help them grow into elite-level cloud security consultants.


Benefits - 利点 Riten @ bladestack.io

We strive to provide our Samurai's and their loved ones with a world-class benefits experience, focused on supporting their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Our benefits are based on data, and centered around our users: Our Samurai's and their families. They’re thoughtfully designed to enhance your health and wellbeing, and generous enough to make it easy for you to take good care of yourself (now, and in the future). So we can build for everyone, together.


bladestack.io pays 100% of the premium for employees and 100% for employee dependents


bladestack.io offers a premium dental plan, the Plan, through United Health Care. bladestack.io pays 100% of the premium for employees and 100% for employee dependents.


bladestack.io offers a premium vision plan, the Premier 24M Vision Plan, through Aetna. bladestack.io pays 100% of the premium for employees and 100% for employee dependents.

Flexible Work Hours

We are a results-oriented company - we do not micromanage. Bring results, reap the rewards. Do what you need to do, when you need to do it. 

Cutting-Edge, Top of the line hardware and software

Sick of generation old ThinkPads, MacBooks, XPS laptops and hardware which make you snore? Just like going out in the battlefield, we assure our cyber-samurai's are equipped with the latest and greatest tech. From the latest Macbook Pro's, Surface Studios all the way up to the fully decked out Razer Blade laptops. Oh, did we mention ultra-wide monitors and mechanical keyboards?

Regular team-building and social events

Samurai's sheath their blades into their scabbards, so do we with our cyber-blades. bladestack.io holds regular team-building and social events from go-karting, bungee jumping, axe-throwing, golfing, and more.

Apprenticeship Program

Our Samurai Apprenticeship Program is not like any other. Our Samurai Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where bladestack.io develops and prepares their future samurai force, and allow individuals to obtain work experience, instructions, coaching, mentoring and develop leadership skills. 

Employee Assistance

Employee assistance programs focused on mental health

Competitive compensation

Industry-leading compensation packages plus bonuses for all levels

401k plan

Generous 401(k) with up to 4% employee match & zero-wait vesting period

Unlimited PTO

bladestack.io has an Unlimited paid time off (PTO) policy! You read that correctly, bladestack.io provides Unlimited Paid Time Off to enable eligible employees to take time off due to illness, to attend to other personal business, vacation or a Samurai Sabbatical.

Tuition Reimbursement & Professional Development

bladestack.io assists employees toward furthering their education by reimbursing skills certification or other tuition costs

Wellness Program

bladestack.io will reimburse employees for eligible wellness expenses including gym memberships, classes, etc. 

Company Holidays

bladestack.io observes the following fourteen (14) company paid holidays:

• New Year’s Day
• Columbus Day
• Martin Luther King’s Day
• Veteran’s Day
• President’s Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Memorial Day
• Day after Thanksgiving
• Juneteenth
• Christmas Eve
• Independence Day
• Christmas Day
• Labor Day
• New Year’s Eve

Employee Referral Fee Program

The bladestack.io Employee Referral Program is meant to encourage employees to refer contacts in their professional networks for any open positions, as well as companies and organizations as potential clients. To refer a client or an individual for an open position, please reach out to the HR team

Volunteer & Charitable Giving Program

As giving back is a part of our Mission Statement and Values, we started the bladestack.io Bushido Care initiative to support our local communities. We are constantly thinking of ways to give back and regularly participate in volunteer activities as a group as well as larger charitable events on an annual basis.

WFH/Remote Work

Lose the commute stress, get location independence, save money, spend time with loved ones, increase performance, have the flexibility to become a well-rounded cyber-samurai.

Short & Long Term Disability Benefits

We must care for our cyber-samurais. In the midst of cyber warfare there may be times where our forces are unfortunately impacted. We have our team covered. 

Maternity & Paternity Leave

bladestack.io offers paid maternity leave to our cyber-samurai's who gives birth to a child and/or provides equivalent paid leave to an employee who is the primary caregiver of a newly adopted child.

Samurai Growth Plan

We want all of our cyber-samurai's to become the best in the industry and we'll do whatever it takes to get them there. 

Ready to Join the Samurai Clan?

Early stage epic – looking to build something new?  Begin your saibā musha shugyō (cyber warrior training!) with bladestack.io!

bladestack.io is looking for the best in the cyber technical tradecraft. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well – we are looking for builders to take us to the next level.

bladestack.io is a primarily a remote company – but we do currently have two main dojos (headquarters). We strongly support professional autonomy and outcome based results. We have a tight knit culture, high quality standards and trust our employees to get the job done.

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