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Turbo-charge your blades towards FedRAMP with bladeRAMP

Embark on the Swift Path to FedRAMP Status with bladeRAMP – bladeRAMP is a cutting-edge cyber-acceleration service designed to empower technology organizations with the speed, agility, and confidence to conquer any National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 compliance journey.

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) establishes a unified approach to security authorizations for cloud service offerings. To collaborate with the government, a cloud service provider (CSP) must prove their FedRAMP compliance.

This is where we, wielding bladeRAMP as part of your system stack becomes pivotal.

With the precision of a katana and the unwavering dedication of bladestack.io’s cyber-samurai’s, bladeRAMP slices through the complexities of the FedRAMP compliance process. Guided by the principles of Bushido and fueled by the futuristic essence of cyberpunk, our expert cyber-samurais will lead you through the neon-tinged maze of cloud security and compliance.

Embrace the way of the cyber-samurai and join us on the journey from Initiation to FedRAMP Triumph with bladeRAMP, where timeless wisdom and cutting-edge technology forge an indomitable alliance. Together, let’s revolutionize the world of cloud security and compliance.

"The Art of Digital War": bladeRAMP

Introducing: bladeRAMP

In the ever-evolving world of cloud security and compliance, a new force rises, guided by the absurdly technical cyber-samurais of bladestack.io. The whispers in the digital shadows have questioned our prowess: “If you’re so absurdly technical, why don’t you have an technical service offering?

We’ve been silently crafting our answer, honing it into the ultimate weapon for cloud security, and now the time has come to unsheathe bladeRAMP – the perfect embodiment of our relentless dedication to technological mastery and cybersecurity excellence.

bladeRAMP is not just a service; it’s a revolution in cloud security and compliance acceleration, fueled by our insatiable passion for technology and the cyber-samurai spirit that courses through our veins. As a blade itself, it slices through the complexities of FedRAMP, DOD, FISMA/RMF, CMMC 2.0, CISA CPG, and StateRAMP like a razor-sharp katana. We’ve engineered an “in-boundary” Government Landing Zone and Government Security Platform, collectively known as “bladeRAMP”, that effortlessly conquers the challenges of these regulations.

Our cyber-samurais, armed with experience from the world’s top tech companies and driven by the burning desire to help your organization not only exceed but excel, have forged bladeRAMP into a solution that marries cutting-edge technology with the indomitable spirit of the samurai. With bladeRAMP, we significantly reduce the time, effort, and knowledge required to achieve FedRAMP compliance, making it an end-to-end solution that dramatically cuts both time up to 50% and cost up to 70%.

Stand alongside bladestack.io’s cyber-samurais, and together, let us reshape the world of cloud security and compliance as we know it. Welcome to bladeRAMP – your journey to the cutting edge of cybersecurity acceleration, and a cost-effective and efficient compliance experience, starts here.

Unleash Your Potential with bladeRAMP The Key to FedRAMP Compliance

Unify your vision, unleash your potential with one system, one service, one platform, one dashboard, one team.

Unify and Conquer: One System, One Service, One Platform, One Dashboard, One Team represents a seamless, centralized solution for today's digital landscape. By consolidating tools, services, and data in a single platform with built-in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) capabilities, it simplifies operations, boosts efficiency, and fosters collaboration. This unified approach ensures a consistent user experience, promotes scalability, and provides greater visibility and control for data-driven decision-making, eliminating the need to rely on complimentary third-party services.

The GRC capabilities within the platform streamlines risk management, compliance maintenance, and informed decision-making processes. As a result, businesses can more effectively navigate the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity and compliance, conquering modern challenges with ease and confidence. Embrace the power of a unified system that empowers your organization to thrive in the complex digital landscape.

Unmatched Continuous Monitoring

A cutting-edge unified platform not only simplifies continuous monitoring but also ties seamlessly into the maintenance and management of crucial aspects of FedRAMP compliance. By incorporating documentation, vulnerability scanning/reporting, significant change support, POA&M management, change management, incident response support, internal audit support, agency sponsor management, and contingency planning and testing, the platform becomes a comprehensive solution for organizations striving for FedRAMP compliance.

The platform serves as a central hub for all FedRAMP-related documentation, streamlining the process of maintaining, updating, and sharing critical compliance records. Vulnerability scanning and reporting are integrated into the platform, allowing for automated scans and timely, actionable insights to address potential security risks.

In addition, the platform supports significant change management, ensuring that organizations can navigate the evolving compliance landscape with agility and adapt to new requirements. POA&M management, change management, and incident response support are all embedded within the platform, simplifying the process of managing these crucial aspects of FedRAMP compliance.
The platform also facilitates critical aspects of FedRAMP, including:

  • Internal audit support, helping organizations to conduct regular assessments of their security posture and identify areas for improvement.
  • Agency sponsor management features ensure seamless collaboration between the organization and their sponsoring agency, including review and approval of critical documentation
  • Significant change management
  • POA&M management
  • Incident response management
  • Continuous Monitoring reporting
By unifying these critical components of FedRAMP compliance into one platform, organizations can streamline their efforts, increase efficiency, and ultimately strengthen their overall security posture in the face of ever-changing cyber threats.

Singularity-Defying Tech Mastery

Dedicated Senior-Level Technical Engineers to Navigate Modern Business and Compliance Challenges. FedRAMP advisory requires senior, technically experienced support, to engineer creative, enduring cloud security and compliance solutions. We guarantee our clients dedicated, senior-level expertise. BSIO's core team of Senior Advisors have been architecting secure, compliant clouds for the US federal government since before FedRAMP launched. Our team includes professionals who have supported organizations like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Boston Dynamics, and other notable companies that demand unmatched engineering skills from a product/service standpoint. We’ve worked with diverse technical configurations, across every cloud model, from hyperscale cloud providers to the smallest startups, both domestically and internationally.

We understand the "product" equation and how to tie FedRAMP and other cybersecurity frameworks into our approach. Our extensive experience across various industry leaders ensures that we bring a unique perspective and the ability to deliver tailored solutions for your organization. By leveraging the best practices and insights from these cutting-edge companies, we help you navigate complex security challenges and achieve a successful FedRAMP authorization, enhancing your business capabilities and market presence. Trust our skilled cyber-samurais to lead you through the ever-evolving world of cloud security and compliance with unmatched precision and dedication.

Code name: Project Kantan - 簡単

"Project Kantan": the code name for our one of our blade overdrives, born from the desire to deliver unparalleled ease of use and efficiency in the world of FedRAMP compliance. In Japanese, "kantan" means "simple" or "easy," embodying the spirit of our mission to simplify the complex process of achieving FedRAMP authorization.

At the heart of Project Kantan lies the integration of Jira projects and our in-boundary solution. This powerful combination ensures a seamless and efficient collaboration between our team of cyber-samurais and our clients while maintaining the integrity of your authorization boundary. By establishing a robust shared responsibility workflow within each Jira ticket, we bring clarity and accountability to every step of the process.

Project Kantan's predefined Jira tickets and workflows serve as a well-structured blueprint, outlining the precise responsibilities of both the client and the bladeRAMP team. This meticulous organization enables us to deliver a smooth, transparent, and effective service, free from confusion or duplication of effort.

Although Jira is our preferred choice, Project Kantan's flexible design allows for easy replication and integration with other ticketing or ITSM services as part of our engagement. This adaptability ensures that we can accommodate diverse client requirements without compromising on efficiency and collaboration.

With Project Kantan, we aim to significantly step up the the FedRAMP compliance journey by fusing the expertise of our cyber-samurais with cutting-edge project management techniques. Through the power of Jira projects and our innovative, easy-to-use workflows, we strive to make the path to FedRAMP authorization a kantan experience for all.

Blade Overdrives are the cutting-edge feature sets that differentiate bladeRAMP from other cloud security and compliance solutions. Each Blade Overdrive is a unique collection of tools, services, and workflows that are designed to optimize cloud security and compliance for the modern digital landscape.

With Blade Overdrives, businesses can easily manage and monitor their cloud environment, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks such as FedRAMP. The Blade Overdrive feature sets are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to tailor their security and compliance approach to their specific needs and objectives. Additionally, Blade Overdrives are built with a shared responsibility model in mind, ensuring that customers know what they are responsible for and what bladeRAMP is responsible for, promoting a seamless and effective workflow.

Overall, Blade Overdrives represent the ability to customize cloud security and compliance. By utilizing these unique feature sets, businesses can take their cloud security and compliance to the next level, empowering them to navigate the modern digital landscape with confidence and ease.

Your Gateway to the Top Cybersecurity Netrunners

Our team of experienced cyber-samurais bring a unique perspective to the ever-evolving world of cloud security and compliance. With extensive experience across industry leaders such as Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Boston Dynamics, and others, we deliver tailored solutions that tie into FedRAMP and other cybersecurity frameworks. Trust us to lead you through complex security challenges and achieve successful FedRAMP authorization, enhancing your business capabilities and market presence.

Unify and Put Your Blades into Overdrive

Unify and Simplify: One Platform for Enhanced Digital Operations. Our revolutionary single-platform solution combines tools, services, and data with cutting-edge technology to centralize operations, boost efficiency, and streamline collaboration. Our system ensures consistency, scalability, and greater visibility for data-driven decision-making, eliminating the need for third-party services. With our integrated approach, navigating the dynamic world of cybersecurity and compliance is a breeze, enabling businesses to conquer modern challenges with ease and confidence. Embrace the power of a unified system and simplify your digital operations for optimized performance.

Unlock the Power of Optimized Workflows

At the heart of our mission to simplify the complex process of achieving FedRAMP authorization lies our revolutionary feature, born from the desire to deliver unparalleled ease of use and efficiency. Through the integration of Jira projects and our in-boundary solution, we ensure a seamless and efficient collaboration between our cyber-samurais and clients. Project Kantan's predefined Jira tickets and workflows serve as a blueprint, outlining precise responsibilities and ensuring a smooth, transparent, and effective service. Although Jira is our preferred choice, Project Kantan's flexible design allows for easy replication and integration with other ITSM services, making FedRAMP authorization a kantan experience for all.

Rev Up Your ConMon with Blade Overdrive

This all-in-one platform simplifies continuous monitoring and integrates crucial aspects of FedRAMP compliance, including documentation, vulnerability scanning/reporting, change management, and incident response support. By centralizing these critical components, organizations can increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and strengthen their security posture against evolving cyber threats.


The Data Shogunate: US-Persons Upholding U.S. Jurisdictions

As part of bladeRAMP, our dedication to security and compliance extends beyond technology. As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards, we exclusively employ US-Persons to support our bladeRAMP offering when going into overdrive. This ensures that the expertise safeguarding your data is deeply familiar with the unique requirements and regulations of the United States, DoD, CMMC and DFARS. Furthermore, all data stored and processed within our bladeRAMP service resides in facilities under the exclusive legal jurisdiction of the U.S. By combining cutting-edge cyber-samurai skills with stringent data protection measures, bladeRAMP ensures your organization's sensitive information remains secure within the confines of U.S. jurisdiction.


Hyper Accelerated Network & Security Zone Operations (HANZO)

Step into the Future of Cloud Security with bladeRAMP – the ultimate all-in-one solution designed for the cyber-samurai of today. Built on our Hyper Accelerated Network & Security Zone Operations (HANZO), bladeRAMP is engineered to provide around-the-clock security event analysis and response, ensuring continuous protection of your critical infrastructure. Our Managed Cloud Services, combined with HANZO’s security monitoring, offers a customer-focused, user-friendly approach to achieving your ATO, while our cloud development and compliance services ensure your offering is fully optimized for today’s digital landscape. At bladestack.io, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, comprehensive solution for your cloud security needs. Join us on the cutting-edge of cloud security and experience the power of bladeRAMP today.


Shift Documentation to Hyperdrive

Experience the power of our cutting-edge, cyber-samurai inspired documentation that shreds through the technical complexities of the FedRAMP space. Our top-notch documentation, backed by a team of passionate technologists and engineers, ensures your organization not only meets but excels in compliance and security. With bladestack.io, your documentation becomes a lethal weapon, ready to slice through the competition and leave them in awe.

Evidence Edge: Cutting Down Audit Challenges

Our cyber samurais at bladeRAMP have honed their skills in developing documentation, evidence, and artifacts for audits. As experts in evidence collection, our team includes members who have worked with leading companies in automated evidence collection. Trust in bladeRAMP to provide you with a seamless experience for audit evidence collection, ensuring that you are always audit-ready. With our team of skilled cyber samurais by your side, compliance objectives are easily achievable. Join us in the journey to conquer the complex world of compliance with precision and dedication.

Get into overdrive with bladeRAMP

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