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Perceptyx Case Study

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The Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of HR technology, Perceptyx’s acquisition of Waggl, a leading HR/Employee Listening platform pursuing FedRAMP Moderate Authorization, brought unexpected challenges to the forefront. Gary Everekyan, a seasoned CISO with prior FedRAMP process experience, quickly recognized the gravity of the situation. The quest for FedRAMP authorization presented a steep hill to climb, especially given the tight timeframe that Perceptyx was working against. With the clock ticking, Perceptyx faced the formidable task of completely overhauling their FedRAMP documentation, leveraging engineering expertise, undergoing another comprehensive 3PAO assessment, and assembling a team capable of executing flawlessly in the cloud environment, specifically on AWS, under the guidance of bladestack.io, renowned AWS technology experts.


The challenge was multi-faceted, requiring not just the right documentation, tools, and technology but also a cultural and maturity shift within the organization. Despite Perceptyx’s pool of talented individuals, the acquisition’s timing, amidst the FedRAMP PMO review, exposed significant weaknesses in the acquired company’s FedRAMP package. This underscored the need for a partner not just proficient in traditional compliance frameworks like NIST, RMF, FISMA, or FedRAMP but one deeply versed in AWS’s intricacies. bladestack.io, with their team of highly technical engineers, architects, and technologists, emerged as the perfect ally, seamlessly integrating with Perceptyx’s development and engineering teams to offer unparalleled technical and strategic guidance.

Gary Everekyan, CISO at Perceptyx, hailed bladestack.io’s contribution as indispensable. Their ability to understand and improve upon DNSSEC configurations, along with offering actionable insights and recommendations rooted in hands-on development and engineering experience, was pivotal. Bladestack.io’s involvement was not just about addressing technical challenges; it was about instilling a cyber-art of war ethos that transformed Perceptyx’s approach to FedRAMP authorization.

‘‘These guys, sorry, Samurais, (laughs) aren’t just your run-of-the-mill NIST, RMF, FISMA or FedRAMP lackeys. BSIO’s personnel consist of highly technical engineers, architects, and technologists. Not only was BSIO able to integrate with our development and engineering teams, BSIO provided technical solutions from proper DNSSEC Configuration guidance and actual implementation, to working with our development teams and understanding code and providing key recommendations and insights that only someone that has developed or engineered a product before could. I cannot begin to overstate bladestack.io’s value. "
Gary Everekyan
CISO, Perceptyx

Coming to the Solution

Aware of the enormity of the undertaking from previous experiences, Gary sought a partner that could provide comprehensive support – technically, managerially, and operationally, with a deep understanding of FedRAMP and AWS. bladestack.io, with their proven track record and expertise in navigating the complexities of FedRAMP in the cloud environment, was the clear choice. Their strategic and technical guidance was instrumental in Perceptyx achieving FedRAMP Authorization, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

The engagement with bladestack.io extended beyond obtaining the authorization. Recognizing the evolving nature of technology and the need to continuously adapt while maintaining compliance, Perceptyx has partnered with bladestack.io for the long haul. This partnership ensures that Perceptyx not only navigates the complexities of federal compliance effectively but also continues to innovate and deliver value to their customers without compromising on security or compliance.

Having gone through FedRAMP before, Gary knew this was no ordinary undertaking. He only trusted and knew of only one organization who were capable of not only advising Perceptyx from a technical standpoint, but managerial and operational as well. Perceptyx required absolute experts in their domain and in FedRAMP. Gary decided to partner with absolute proven best advisors. Enter bladestack.io. Our cyber samurais assessed the current position and began putting our cyber art of war into play. The rest is history – Perceptyx is now FedRAMP Authorized, and our cyber-samurais are grateful for having the opportunity to highlight our cyber-skills and help a friend in need. 

As with most federal compliance programs, the real work begins once your organization has received an ATO. Maintaining a FedRAMP ATO can be even more challenging. Technology changes every day, companies are always looking to provide the best value to the customer, but a lot of organizations believe they are restricted from making significant changes or the FedRAMP program is too restrictive. However, with the proper partners, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, Perceptyx has engaged bladestack.io as their long-term partner in their federal endeavors.

Perceptyx is the most comprehensive listening solution available to illuminate your employee experience and see your whole organization thrive.