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Odaseva Data Protection Platform – ACSC ISM & Section 508 WCAG Compliance

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The Challenge

Mike Poulos recently received responsibility for running Odaseva’s entire public sector program. A major undertaking which Mike, being a veteran cybersecurity practitioner, immediately identified what was required to run and operate a successful public sector practice.

Mike, however, quickly realized other business efforts were already underway and quick turnarounds were required to ensure Odaseva remained successful prior to being able to fully focus on the end-goals for the public sector practice.

Mike had heard about a motley crew of highly technical “cyber-samurai’s” from some sources who specialized in all things “cyber”. Mike, being a veteran technical cybersecurity architect wanted only the most technical and best advisory firm out in cyberspace. Enter bladestack.io


Mike and the Odaseva team required quick but quality turnarounds for Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Information Security Manual (ISM) compliance efforts and a Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility (VPAT) report for the Odaseva Data Protection Platform.

However, both efforts were required to be done in parallel, with an in-depth technical analysis report for the VPAT to aide with remediation, in addition to the public-facing report, along with addressing 800+ controls for the ACSC ISM, all under a few weeks.

Our cyber-samurais worked collaboratively with Mike, Odaseva and team, providing weekly sitreps, daily check-in, all in parallel with a unified mission and objective.

“bladestack.io’s flexibility, technical acumen, commitment to communication and overall great customer service translates to excellent return on investment for my organization.”
Mike Poulos
Cybersecurity Architect, Odaseva

Coming to the Solution

As one would expect, arming your organization with cyber-samurais who are craftsman at all things cyber, are able to collaboratively work together, will produce quality results. Both efforts were completed with care, quality and addressed to Odaseva’s full satisfaction.

With a completely documented ACSC SSP, a full-fledged technical analysis report of WCAG  and the publicly facing VPAT report in tow in hand – Mike was ready to conclude his first wins as the Public Sector practice lead at Odaseva.  

It would be misleading to suggest these efforts were not a team-effort. Just as sharp as the blades our cyber-samurais wield is Mike Poulos sharp and savvy technical and business acumen.

“No doubt in our mind our efforts were successful because of the collaborative nature of our engagement with Mike. Hyper-communication is key in ensuring expectations are not only met but exceeded.” said Bhanu.


Now with ACSC ISM compliance and revised 508/WCAG initiatives complete, Mike has his eyes on the prize – additional cybersecurity certifications for the Odaseva Data Protection Platform to help facilitate increased adoption of Odaseva. This includes government-wide programs that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and monitoring for cloud products and services. These certification processes include in-depth examination of a solution’s data security and data governance capabilities, as well as the security practices of its cloud services. Mike is thrilled and eager to move forward onto the cyber battlefields with bladestack.io.

“We are grateful to Mike and the Odaseva team in entrusting our cyber-samurais” said Bhanu Jagasia, Chief Technology Samurai, bladestack.io

bladestack.io supported Odaseva, the leading enterprise data protection platform for Salesforce in immediate cyber initiatives which required immediate but quality turn-around times.